Vancouver Mind-Body Centre

Vancouver Mind-Body Centre is a registered Canadian Charity (No. S-58015) dedicated to improving our society through incorporating concepts of harmony, non-violence and confidence development.

We offer programs that specifically target youth (and adults) in under-privileged areas. Our programs are accessible free of charge to youth in need.

Our philosophy is based on the teaching of a great Japanese thinker and martial-artist named Morihei Ueshiba (often referred to as O'Sensei).

O'sensei observed that there is too much violence in the world, too much conflict. Ueshiba-Sensei offered the world an alternative. A method of interaction based on harmony. A method focused on developing the mind and body of an individual while continually striving for improvement.


We offer programs that specifically complement these philosophies through taking small steps to teach our participants how to deal with life challenges in a positive way.


Aikido – The Way of Harmony
Iaido – The Art of Self-mastery
Kettlebells – The best and most efficient way to physical mastery
Anti-Bullying – A program to develop self-confidence and positive interaction skills
Homework Club – A supportive environment for youth in which to work and learn

Body Transformation Challenge


We are launching a new body transformation program



  • Beginnig in October
  • Two 25-minutes kettlebell workouts per week (early morning)
  • Space is strictly limited
  • You will get fit by New Year


To get more information or pre-register please contact us by e-mail

Sunday Workout

Join us for Sunday morning workout. We will do introductory kettlebells class and then will work on increasing flexibility.


Every Sunday
Kettlebells: 10:00 - 11:15


Drop-in fee: 15 CAD

Kids Aikido — September 2

School may be off, but Aikido is back on!


Yes, it is that time of the year again.


Though it seems the start of the school year is in question, we are looking forward to working on our Aikido again with you all.


Classes start on Tuesday, September 2 with the usual schedule.