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Vancouver Mind-Body Centre is a registered Canadian Charity dedicated to improving our society through incorporating concepts of harmony, non-violence and confidence development.

We have a mix of full-time and volunteer instructors, all are certified and top in their field.

We offer programs that specifically target youth (and adults) in under-privileged areas. Our programs are accessible free of charge to youth in need.

News & Events

Aug 18, 2016 Climb the Rope for a chance to win! More info here…

Aug 17, 2016 New Tabata MAX — best cardio workout! Register Now!

Jul 16, 2016 Thai massage workshop for beginners and beyond

Apr 9, 2016 Seminar with Ishiyama Shihan at Vancouver West Aikikai

Mar 26, 2016 Sanchin Study Group

Feb 25, 2016 Instructional video: Press, Turkish Get-up, Swing

Feb 4, 2016 Do you eat healthy? Complete our survey and find out!

Dec 15, 2015 Check out this video to see what TABATA is all about